Cleveland CG Golf Stand Bag


Lightweight Design With Functional Features

The CG Stand Bag from Cleveland provides a lightweight, high performance option for those who prefer to carry their clubs.


Featuring 6 pockets ranging from a valuables pocket to large apparel pocket, the CG stand bag has everything you need to store all your golfing essentials.


With a lightweight design, the bag weighs just 2.2KG whilst the legs can be secured for easy use with a golf trolley.

RTX 4 Wedges


Cleveland Golf have developed the RTX 4 wedge to provide the ultimate Tour performance, built to provide more spin and versatility, in a tour-driven compact shape.


The RTX 4 Wedge Features:

• Rotex Face Technology (4th Generation)

• Tour-Developed Shaping & Tour Grinds

• Feel Balancing Technology

• 1-Year Guarantee & Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 steel Shaft


Rotex Face Technology (4th Generation)

To give you the most short game control, the wedge features a 4th generation Rotex Face. This most aggressive face milling and sharper groove pattern provides even more spin and stopping power than ever before.


Feel Balancing Technology

This wedge features a new generation of Feel Balancing Technology which places the centre of gravity even closer to the face of the wedge, which decreases vibration and stabilizes the club head more at the point of impact, providing an even better feel.


Players Profile

The compact blade shaping has been inspired by the golf tour, with less offset to provide more versatility preferred by better players. Lower lofts are more compact with straight leading edge, to blend with your short irons, the higher lofted have been developed with a traditional shape for chip and pitches around the greens.


Tour-Developed Sole Grinds

This wedge comes with 4 unique sole grinds, to ensure you can execute every shot, New LOW and XLOW grinds for elite players, and FULL and MID.



FULL Grind: Neutral Swing Type / Steep Attack Angle (Choose if you: Hit a medium to large divot on full wedge shots, want stability on full shots, want extra sole to support bunker shots, or want a traditional full sole wedge in your bag.


MID Grind: Neutral Swing Type / Steep Attack Angle (Choose if you: Hit a medium to large divot on full wedge shots or want stability on full shots and the ability to open up the face of your wedge on occasion.


LOW Grind: Neutral Swing Type / Shallow Attack Angle (Choose if you: Hit shallow divots on full shots, regularly open up the wedge face around the green, hit the occasional flop shot, often hit off tight lies and medium to hard turf, or feel confident around the green.


XLOW Grind: Shallow Attack Angle (Choose if you: Hit shallow to no divots on full wedge shots, find yourself pulling off that extreme flop shot, or often hit off tight lies and hard turf conditions.


All lofts and grinds available to order

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